Sarahs Day

Influencer, Blogger, Creative.

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Sarahs Day is a Sydney based lifestyle and fitness vlogger with a staggering cult following. Her YouTube and Instagram channels called Sarah’s Day were launched in 2012 as a way for Sarah to document her own experiences, struggles and overall triumph with hormonal acne, cellulite, weight management and overall health.

They  became her platforms to share personal stories, natural remedies and her unique holistic approach to health and fitness. Sarah’s authentically real and raw advice for following a holistic lifestyle and how this positively transformed her life has evolved into a much deeper, significant movement. Sarah’s Day focuses on creating a positive, supportive and engaged tribe (also known as the Sezzy squad) who interact with one another, sharing healthy tips and tricks.

Releasing her eBook “Sweat it to Shred it”, an eight-week active lifestyle challenge, in May 2017 has created yet another platform for Sarah to become a household name that ignites a sense of positivity, joy, health and happiness whenever it’s seen or heard.